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Congratulations to those individuals who auditioned for a MAIN CHARACTER part for "Dead Serious...About Life" 2017-2018.

Below is the NEW Character Listing for the 2017-2018 Season:

Spencer will be played by Jack Davis

Amanda will be played by Gigi Barger

Andrew will be played by Jake Anderson

Rachel will be played by Aleigha Rice

Jake will be played by Bradley Crowe

Skylar will be played by Hayley Rice

Joey will be played by DJ Trousdale

Kylie/Heidi will be played by Olivia Smith 

Zak will be played by Anthony Smith

Sydney will be played by Sami Bruton

Brad will be played by Dominic Bennett

Stephanie will be played by Mary Smith

Justin will be played by Will Mormile

Sarah will be played by Amber Lewis

Emily will be played by Alexis Beckett

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