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Andrew and Todd are best friends, but Andrew's been stressed out lately. His parents are planning to divorce and he's been doing poorly in school because of it. Other than that, he's a well-liked guy with a with a bright future.


Rachel & Andrew have been a couple for a long time. She's very intelligent and kind to everyone. But Rachel has a big secret that she's too scared to tell anyone.


Todd is Amanda's boyfriend. He has a pretty surface relationship with Amanda. He is captain of the basketball team and very popular. He's the one throwing the party while his parents are out of town.


Amanda is one of the most popular girls at school. She loves getting attention, especially for her looks. There are rumors flying around that Amanda is bulimic.


Stephanie is Todd's little sister and she has a big crush on Brad. She's only a freshman, which makes it that much more exciting when Brad, a senior, seems interested in her.


Brad isn't looking for a long term relationship at the moment. He's well known for getting involved with younger girls for only one reason.


Sean is a typical screw-off who spends most of his time getting high on pot. He's not very smart, but sometimes acts like he knows everything.


Sarah is a Christian, who has beliefs that many of her friends find strange. She doesn't drink, which sometimes makes going to parties difficult. Sarah is also struggling in other areas of her life.


You wouldn't know by looking, but Justin is actually a Christian. He lives one way at church and another way around his friends.


Kendra hates religion, even though she considers herself spiritually connected. Kendra hates almost everything, except herself. She hates people who try to be trendy and people who think they're in charge.


Tiffany is Zak's girlfriend. She's not the brightest crayon in the box, but she makes up for it with enthusiasm. She is the gossip queen and loves to spread rumors.


Zak is a typical, arrogant basketball player and his father pushes him to succeed. Zak has a girlfriend, Tiffany, but he isn’t very committed.


Kylie has a bad attitude, a result of living with her alcoholic father. While she manages to act tough most of the time, she secretly needs someone to listen to her.


Heidi loves to get attention from guys and the easiest way to do it is with her body. She's not concerned about the reputation she's earned at school.


Jake is a dark character with an attitude. He's heavily involved in drugs and drinking and considers himself to be the life of the party.


Emily is extremely shy and introverted. Nobody talks to her except to insult her. This is the first high school party she's ever been to.

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